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60 Charles Street
Needham, MA 02494

(781) 455-0199

Specializes in the finest selection of stone from all over the world and fabricates countertops vanities, tub decks,fireplaces, for home and office. OMG, Inc. has vast selection of porcelain ceramic, glass and mosaic tiles


At Olympia Marble & Granite, Inc. (OMG), we offer our clients only the BEST quality of stone available form our local suppliers, as well as, those from up and down the East Coast. Also, we deal directly with suppliers from Italy, Greece Spain and Portugal.

If you have a specific stone stone that is not listed or shoen, please contact us and we will try our best to find it at a fair price.


Granite is an igneous rock of volcanic origin and is composed of 30% quartz and 60% feldspar, which gives it a high range of hardness. It is very resistant to high wear, with superior abrasion resistance and compressive strength. It is available in a wide range of colors. Historically, it used to be available only in a homogeneous grain, now it is available in veined and patterned varieties. Granite is an excellent material for internal and external building use because of its hardness and resistance to all types of weather.